Stage I – relaxing

Decolletage, neck and face massage. Deep work on the muscles of the scruff, neck and occiput area indirectly affects the relaxation of the facial mimic muscles and compensating for minor changes in tension around the forehead, eyes and mouth. Increasing the flow of blood to the head and face helps to provide the right amount of oxygen and nutrients.

Stage II – cleansing / lymphatic drainage

Removal of toxins. This part of the massage uses drainage techniques combined with acupressure. Lymphatic drainage improves the overall appearance of the face. It reduces swelling and also works very well with shadows and puffiness under the eyes.

Stage III – lifting / preventing and reducing the resulting changes on the face

The lifting part puts emphasis on the face oval and the most sensitive places, such as the nasolabial furrow, the area around the eyes and the forehead. The techniques used in this part are mainly fast elastic movements like rubbing and face patting. This stage, despite its intensity, does not cause discomfort in the client’s feelings. It focuses on maximizing the aesthetic effects and constant mental and physical relaxation.

Stage IV – energy / balance of internal emotions and Qi energy (life force and stimulation of work of all internal organs)

The energizing part. Work on facial acupressure points to balance the work of major internal organs. Stimulating points assigned to appropriate organs improves their functioning. Therefore, acupressure can be used to alleviate the already existing discomforts, as well as prophylactically, to improve overall health and to stimulate vital energy.